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Title: Classical and fractal analysis of vehicle demand on the ferry-boat system
Other Titles: Physica A
Authors: Moret, Marcelo A.
Antonio, Liliane Q.
Pereira, Hernane B.B.
Keywords: Tsallis statistics;Fokker–planck equation;Demand analysis
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Citation: MORET, Marcelo A.; ANTONIO, Liliane Q.; PEREIRA, Hernane B. B. Classical and fractal analysis of vehicle demand on the ferry-boat system. Physica A, [Amsterdam] v. 391, p. 1657-1661, oct. 2012.
Abstract: Transportation problems are important complex systems because of the increased number of vehicles in cities. In this paper, we study time series of vehicle demand by using the ferry-boat system between Salvador city and Itaparica island, in Bahia, Brazil. We compare the traditional demand analysis (ARIMA method) with the self-affine ones (the scaling exponent α and the density of crossing points ρ). In addition, taking into account the inherent self-affine behavior we study the stationary states of this dynamic process by using a nonlinear Fokker–Planck equation. The present findings indicate that the scaling exponent α describes some properties of flux of vehicles using the ferry-boat system. The behavior of α gives an alternative explanation about demand analysis, and the nonlinear Fokker–Planck equation presents a solution close to the stationary behavior of this complex dynamical analysis.
Description: P.1657-1661
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