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Title: Work-related values and organizational values from the perspective of university professors: a correlational study
Other Titles: Estudos de Psicologia
Authors: Camara, J.R.S.
Pereira-Guizzo, Camila de Sousa
Keywords: Creativity;High education;Innovation;Job satisfaction;Organizational climate
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: CAMARA, J. R. S. ; PEREIRA-GUIZZO, C. S. . Work-related values and organizational values from the perspective of university professors: A correlational study. Estudos de Psicologia (PUCCAMP. Impresso), v. 32, p. 259-268, 2015.
Abstract: The alignment of personal and organizational values can positively influence performance. Considering the motivational aspect of these values, organizations and workers seek to satisfy their goals and needs through work. Thus, the study of personal and organizational values of university professors can contribute to the production of science, technology and innovation through committed professionals with this strategic axis. The aim of the present study was to evaluate work-related values and their relationship with organizational values. Sixty-eight professors from an institution of higher education, which focuses on innovation, participated in the study. The results showed that Realization at Work was the factor with the highest score; Social Relationships showed correlations with the organizational values Autonomy (p = 0.018), Realization (p = 0.001), Mastery (p = 0.048), Prestige (p = 0.001), Conformity (p = 0.016) and Concern with Community (p = 0.014). These results suggest the importance of values for satisfaction at work and organizational strategies.
Description: p.259-268
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