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Título: Non-Markovian model for the study of pitting corrosion in a water pipe system
Título(s) alternativo(s): International Journal of Modern Physics C
Autor(es): Rosa Júnior, A. C. P.
Vaveliuk, P.
Moret, M. A.
Palavras-chave: Pitting
Nonlinear Fokker–Planck equatio
Tsallis statistic
Longtail distributions
Data do documento: 2015
Citação: ROSA JÚNIOR, A. C. P.; VAVELIUK, P.; MORET, M. A. Non-Markovian model for the study of pitting corrosion in a water pipe system. International Journal of Modern Physics C, [s.n.], v. 26, n. 10, 2015. p. 1550119-1 – 1550119-10.
Resumo: The main studies on pitting consist in proposing Markovian stochastic models, based on the statistics of extreme values and focused on growing the depth of wells, especially the deepest one. We show that a non-Markovian model, described by a nonlinear Fokker–Planck (nFP) equation, properly depicts the time evolution of a distribution of depth values of pits that were experimentally obtained. The solution of this equation in a steady-state regime is a q-Gaussian distribution, i.e. a long-tail probability distribution that is the main characteristic of a nonextensive statistical mechanics. The proposed model, that is applied to data from four inspections conducted on a section of a line of regular water service in power water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plants, is in agreement with experimental results.
Descrição: p. 1550119-1 - 1550119-10
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