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Title: Self-organized critical phenomenon as a q-exponential decay: avalanche epidemiology of dengue
Other Titles: Physica A
Authors: Saba, H.
Miranda, J. G. V.
Moret, M. A.
Keywords: Tsallis statistic;Long-tail distributions;Dengue fever
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: SABA, H.; MIRANDA, J. G. V.; MORET, M. A. Self-organized critical phenomenon as a q-exponential decay: avalanche epidemiology of dengue. Physica A. Amsterdam, v. 413, p. 205-211, 2014.
Abstract: We studied the evolution of dengue disease in the state of Bahia. The number of epidemiological dengue cases for each city follows a Self-Organized Criticality behavior (SOC). However, the analysis of the number of cases in Bahia exhibits a q-exponential distribution. To understand this different behavior, we analyzed the distribution of the power law of SOC (γ ) to all cities of Bahia. Our findings show that the distribution of γ exhibits a dependence between the exponents, which may be because of migration between cities, causing the emergence of outbreaks in different cities in a correlated and asynchronous time series.
Description: p. 205-211
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