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Title: Correlation between transport and occurrence of dengue cases in Bahia
Authors: Cardoso, Hugo Saba Pereira
Miranda, José Garcia Vivas
Jorge, Eduardo Manoel de Freitas
Moret, Marcelo A.
Keywords: Dengue;Correlation;Transport;Self-organized criticality;SOC;randomization;Dengue - Bahia
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: CARDOSO, Hugo Saba Pereira et al. Correlation between transport and occurrence of dengue cases in Bahia. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SOCIAL ECO-INFORMATICS, 3., 2013, Lisboa. Anais... Lisboa: IARIA, 2013. P. 52-54.
Abstract: Dengue is a public health problem that presents complexity in its dissemination. The physical means of spreading and the dynamics of the spread between the municipalities need to be analyzed to guide effective public policies to combat this problem. This study shows a correlation between the exponent of Criticality present in Self-Organized Criticality (SOC) and the number of buses per week, identifying municipalities that exert important roles in the spread of dengue in Bahia, confirming transport as a physical means for the diffusion of dengue.
Description: p. 52-54
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