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Title: Atmospheric dispersion modeling to simulate rocket exhaust clouds
Authors: Nascimento, E. G. S.
Moreira, D. M.
Albuquerque, T. T. A.
Reis Júnior, N. C.
Santos, J. M.
Goulart, E. V.
Fisch, G.
Keywords: Alcântara Launch Center;Rocket exhaust clouds;Atmospheric dispersion;Mathematical modelling
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: NASCIMENTO, E. G. S. et al. Atmospheric dispersion modeling to simulate rocket exhaust clouds. WIT TRANSACTIONS ON MODELLING AND SIMULATION, 17., 2015, Croatia. Anais... Croatia, University of Naples, v. 59, 2015.
Abstract: This work shows the development of a model for the simulation of rocket exhaust effluent. The model is based on a semi-analytical solution of the time dependent three-dimensional advection-diffusion equation and overcomes the features of the Gaussian concepts considering realistic eddy diffusivities and wind profiles. We report numerical simulations with the approach using micrometeorological parameters and wind profile generated by the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model in the area around the Alcântara Launch Center, Brazil.
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