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Title: Using luhn´s automatic abstract method to create graphs of words for document visualization
Other Titles: Social Networking
Authors: Silva, Luiz Claudio Santos
Sampaio, Renelson Ribeiro
Keywords: Graph of Word;Word - Graph
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Citation: SILVA, Luiz Claudio Santos; SAMPAIO, Renelson Ribeiro. Using luhn´s automatic abstract method to crate graphs of words for document visualization. Social Networking, [Amsterdam], v.3, p. 65-70, fev. 2014.
Abstract: Visualization methods for single documents are either too simple, considering word frequency only, or depend on syntactic and semantic information bases to be more useful. This paper presents an intermediary approach, based on H. P. Luhn’s automatic abstract creation algorithm, and intends to aggregate more information to document visualization than word counting methods do without the need of external sources. The method takes pairs of relevant words and computes the linkage force between them. Relevant words become vertices and links become edges in the resulting graph.
Description: p. 65-70
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