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Title: Capacity unbalancing and total logistic cost
Other Titles: Business and Management Review
Authors: Silva, Rogério Flores da
Sampaio, Renelson Ribeiro
Keywords: Unbalancing;Capacity;Constraint;Inventory;Cost;Inventory - Cost
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Citation: SILVA, Rogério Flores da; SAMPAIO, Renelson Ribeiro. Capacity unbalancing and total logistic cost. Business and Management Review, [Europa], v.4, n.1, p. 22-28, nov. 2014.
Abstract: This article presents a discussion about productive capacity balancing and its effects in the total logistical costs, suggesting a mathematical model for the optimization of the capacity structure. To propose the model a literature study based on journal articles and books were conducted, using Theory Of Constraints – TOC as the theoretical framework. At the end, the model suggests that the inventory costs, the coefficient of variation in processing time and the coefficient of variation in arrivals are the relevant variables to verify if the investment in extra capacity is feasible.
Description: p.22-28
ISSN: 2047-0398
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