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Title: Turbulent natural convection in a porous cylindrical annulus with double-diffusion effects
Authors: Tofaneli, Luzia Aparecida
Lemos, Marcelo J. S. de
Keywords: Double - Diffusion;Porous media;Natural convection;Turbulence
Issue Date: 24-Oct-2011
Citation: TOFANELI, L. A.; LEMOS, Marcelo José Santos de . Turbulent natural convection in a porous cylindrical annulus with double-diffusion effects. In: XXI BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. Rio de Janeiro: ABCM, 2011.
Abstract: This paper presents results for coupled heat and mass transport under turbulent flow regime in a horizontal cylindrical annulus filled with a fluid saturated porous medium. Two driving mechanisms are considered to contribute to the overall momentum transport, namely temperature driven and concentration driven mass fluxes. Aiding and opposing flows are considered, where temperature and concentration gradients are either in the same direction or of different sign, respectively. Modeled equations are presented based on the double-decomposition concept, which considers both time fluctuations and spatial deviations about mean values.
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