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Title: Exergy analysis of natural gas confined flames with oec
Authors: Santos, Alex Álisson Bandeira
Oliveira, Turan Dias
Vilas Boas, Lucas Dayube Santos
Keywords: OEC - Technique;Natural gas;Combustion;Exergetic analysis;Burners
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: OLIVEIRA, T. D.; VILAS BOAS, L. D. S.; SANTOS, A.A.B. Exergy analysis of natural gas confined flames with OEC. In: XV BRAZILIAN CONGRESS OF THERMAL SCIENCES AND ENGINEERING - ENCIT 2014. Belém: ABCM, 2014.
Abstract: The concept of environmental efficiency in equipments is increasingly in tariff with the unfolding of global warming, and, among the industrial equipments, the burners have a major impact in this discussion because it is an equipment of industrial combustion. Demand for environmentally more efficient burners, with the reduction of emissions is essential for the proper use of fossil fuels during the transition between this energy sources for alternatives energy, which can last more than fifty years. This study evaluates exergetic analysis of oxygen enhanced combustion in natural gas confined flames. The literature shows that works with OEC technique – technique that has important points for improving the thermal efficiency of combustion – cause under certain conditions the increase of soot formation. The soot as an important participant in the radiant heat transfer, it can, with its interaction with the OEC, bringing the increase in thermal efficiency of burners, implementing the heat transfer from the flame for heating areas, thereby reducing the consumption fuel, the temperature of flame. The exergetic analysis will confirmed the improving the thermal efficiency with OEC in combustion systems with natural gas.
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