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Título: Experimental investigation of the natural gas confined flames using the OEC
Título(s) alternativo(s): Energy
Autor(es): Santos, Alex Álisson Bandeira
Torres, Ednildo Andrade
Pereira, Pedro Afonso de Paula
Palavras-chave: Soot
Thermal radiation
Natural gas
Data do documento: 2011
Citação: SANTOS, A. A. B.; TORRES, Ednildo Andrade ; PEREIRA, Pedro Afonso de Paula. Experimental investigation of the natural gas confined flames using the OEC. Energy (Oxford) , v. 36, p. 1527-1534, 2011.
Resumo: The concept of environmental efficiency in equipment is increasing with the unfolding of global warming. In terms of industrial equipment, it is the burners which have a major impact in this discussion because of industrial combustion. Demand for environmentally more efficient burners with a reduction in emissions is essential for the proper use of fossil fuels during the transition between this energy and alternative energy sources for the next fifty years or more. This study experimentally evaluates the technique of oxygen-enhanced combustion e OEC e and its interaction with soot formation and thermal radiation in natural gas confined flames. The literature shows that the OEC technique e an important technique for improving the thermal efficiency of combustion e causes under certain conditions an increase in soot formation. Soot, as an important participant in radiant heat transfer, can increase the thermal efficiency of burners, implementing heat transfer from the flame to the heating areas, thereby reducing fuel consumption, the temperature of the flame, and consequently a reduction in the emission of NOx. In the experiment was used low enriched with oxygen, which does not require significant existing equipment changes. This technology can play an important role in preparing particularly the oil and gas industry for the technological challenge of reducing global warming.
Descrição: p.1527-1534
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