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Title: Semantic networks based on titles of scientific papers
Other Titles: Physica A
Authors: Pereira, H.B.B
Fadigas, I.S.
Senna, V.
Moret, M.A.
Keywords: Semantic network;Complex networks;Social network analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: PEREIRA, H. B. B.; FADIGAS, Inácio de Sousa ; SENNA, V. ; MORET, M. A. . Semantic Networks based on Titles of Scientific Papers. Physica. A (Print) , v. 390, p. 1192-1197, 2011.
Abstract: In this paper we study the topological structure of semantic networks based on titles of papers published in scientific journals. It discusses its properties and presents some reflections on how the use of social and complex network models can contribute to the diffusion of knowledge. The proposed method presented here is applied to scientific journals where the titles of papers are in English or in Portuguese. We show that the topology of studied semantic networks are small-world and scale-free.
Description: p.1192-1197
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