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Title: Study of cross-correlation in a self-affine time series of taxi accidents
Other Titles: Physica A
Authors: Zebende, G.F.
Silva, P.A. da
Machado Filho, A.
Keywords: Time series;Cross-correlation;DFA;DCCA
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: ZEBENDE, G. F.; SILVA, P. A. da MACHADO FILHO, A. Study of cross-correlation in a self-affine time series of taxi accidents. Physica A, v. 390, p. 1677-16839, 2011.
Abstract: Westudy in this paper the cross-correlation between self-affine time series of real variables recorded simultaneously in cases of taxi accidents. For this purpose, we apply the DCCA method and show that the cross-correlation can be divided into three distinct groups, if we look for the detrended covariance function, i.e., long-range cross-correlations, short-range cross-correlations and no cross-correlations. Finally, it will be seen that the detrended covariance function is robust, if compared with other methods, in identifying these types of cross-correlations.
Description: P.1677-1683
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