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Title: X-ray binary systems and nonextensivity
Other Titles: Physica A
Authors: Moret, Marcelo A.
Senna, Valter de
Zebende, Gilney F
Vaveliuk, Pablo
Keywords: Astrophysical sources;Tsallis statistics
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: MORET, M. A.; SENNA, V. ; ZEBENDE, Gilney Figueira ; VAVELIUK, P. . X-ray binary systems and nonextensivity. Physica. A (Print), v. 389, p. 854-858, 2010.
Abstract: We study the x-ray intensity variations obtained from the time series of 155 light curves of x-ray binary systems collected by the instrument All Sky Monitor on board the satellite Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer. These intensity distributions are adequately fitted by qGaussian distributions which maximize the Tsallis entropy and in turn satisfy a nonlinear Fokker–Planck equation, indicating their nonextensive and nonequilibrium behavior. From the values of the entropic index q obtained, we give a physical interpretation of the dynamics in x-ray binary systems based on the kinetic foundation of generalized thermostatistics. The present findings indicate that the binary systems display a nonextensive and turbulent behavior.
Description: p.854-858
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