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Title: Self-affinity of vehicle demand on the ferry-boat system
Other Titles: International Journal of Modern Physics C
Authors: Filho, A. N. S.
Zebende, G. F.
Moret, M. A.
Keywords: Self-affinity;Vehicle demand;Complex systems
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: S. FILHO, A. N.; ZEBENDE, G. F.; MORET, M. A. . Self-affinity of vehicle demand on the ferry-boat system. International Journal of Modern Physics C, s.l., v.19, n.4, p.665-669, 2008.
Abstract: The transportation problems are in evidence due to their importance. This type of problem is usually studied by nonlinear dynamics. In this paper, we study time series of vehicle demand by using the ferry-boat system between Salvador city and Itaparica island, in Bahia, Brazil. We observe an interesting behavior since these time series allow to observe genuine self-affinity effects. The scaling exponent α and the density of crossing points ρ are variables to describe long-range correlations (self-affinity) in time series of the vehicle demand. As the result we show α and ρ variation year by year.
Description: p.665-669
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